Our Approach

Methods of Treatment and Approach to Therapy

Our shared overarching philosophy is that you are the expert of you. Often patterns and behaviors appear for very good reason even though they may seem new or maladaptive, they can also be a sign of growth. Perhaps you are feeling what you are feeling as a result of societal/systemic distress, historical or familial trauma. Your current situation could be a very important signal that change is desired in some way, just like in nature and in the seasons. The only constant in life is change.

The root of “psyche” (as in psychologist or psychotherapist) means “soul,” and the root of “logist” is “word” or “breath.” In a way, psychotherapists, e.g., psychiatrists, family therapists, or mental health counselors, minister to the breath of life. We both consider it a great honor and a privilege to sit with people during times of grief, loss, change, wonder, and/or difficulty. Relationships are often tremendous tools for pushing us where we’d never go alone.

We respect diversity in our practice, and therefore your cultural and spiritual values and beliefs are of utmost importance to us in our work.