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amidst uncertainty

Open Dialogue is a philosophical and the most scientifically researched approach to people and their friends and family experiencing a difficult time.

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Alita Taylor

Alita has experience working in emergency psychiatry and in other mental health services since 1992. She currently offers training and organizational consultancy, supervision, and family psychotherapy in Washington, also maintaining her license in California.

Fletcher Taylor

Fletcher has lived and worked in Tacoma as a psychiatrist since 1990. He divides his professional time between clinical practice, teaching, and research. His published research includes work with anxiety/depression, learning disabilities, trauma-related issues, and sleep physiology. He sees individuals, couples, families and groups, and often together with Alita Taylor, his wife, a skilled marriage and family therapist.

Our Approach

Our shared overarching philosophy is that you are the expert of you. Often patterns and behaviors appear for very good reason and can be a sign of growth.


Alita Kathryn Taylor, MA, LMFT is the first person in the U.S. to complete the advanced family therapy two-year course taught in Finland by the developers of Open Dialogue.
Fletcher Taylor, MD and Alita Kathryn Taylor, MA, LMFT have over 50 years of psychiatric and counseling experience between them. We're currently taking referrals for families coming to terms with illness/dying/crisis of some shape or form. We welcome all your helpers to treatment. We see families and social networks either in our office or at their home.
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