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Our family therapy and psychiatric practice:

Fletcher Taylor, MD, MFA and Alita Kathryn Taylor, MA, LMFT have over 50 years of psychiatric and counseling experience between them. They are currently taking referrals for families coming to terms with illness/dying/crisis of some shape or form. We welcome all your helpers to treatment. We see families and social networks either in our office, at their home, or by teleconference. Please inquire

We also provide Telemedicine.

Please contact us:

Phone: 1-253-212-3101
FAX: 1-253-212-3225

Alita also provides consultation to organizations, and supervision

Our Mailing Address:

Dialogical Therapy, PLLC
19410 Hwy 99 Suite A #263
Lynnwood, WA 98036




“Whatever’s in nature tells us how to be with it and what it can do. The wood tells you what kind of violin it can be made into. The materials know and tell you what to weave. The way the dough responds to my hands tells me when its ready.”

- Harlene Anderson